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Come, join us for a journey on the Devetaki Plateau

Join us for a fascinating journey. We will take you to the magical spots of a wonderful place... Situated in North Bulgaria, carrying the beauty of the Balkan mountain and the Danube valley, only 180 km from Sofia. Landlocked between three municipalities - Letnitsa, Lovech and Sevlievo, around 9 villages are situated on the Plateau. The Ossam river shapes its Northwest border. North, the village of Krushuna frames the region; Eastwards it embraces Gorsko Slivovo and Karpachevo. The West border is in Tepava and Northeast is Devetaki, then it draws an arc Southwards encompassing Kakrina, Brestovo, Kramolin and Agatovo.

These are all, however, just geographical borders. If you are on the lookout for the others… the borders that define this sacred place in your heart, the one that takes your breath away and brings a smile to your face, you have to follow us along the road. Come and let us discover and experience the Devetaki Plateau together.

The Covered Bridge in Lovech

The journey from Sofia or Plovdiv to Karpachevo takes you through the town of Lovech. Even if you have crossed over Arno river in Florence along the architectural masterpiece - Ponte Vecchio, the Bulgarian counterpart, stretching over Osam river is also worth the time. The Covered Bridge in Lovech, built by a self taught genius Kolyo Ficheto in the beautiful town, cuddled in the middle parts of the Pre-Balkan region – it is a spot that takes your breath away. The symbol of Lovech is one of its kind on the Balkan peninsula - a covered artisan street with small shops of local crafts and souvenirs. In the central part you will find the Tourist information centre. (phone +359 68-601362, email: [email protected]).

The Covered Bridge in Lovech

Karpachevo village

This small village in Letnitsa municipality is going to enchant you. 38 km away from Lovech, it is inhabited primarily by around 80 elderly. However, it keeps its spirit and energy alive. Might be because of the young people that bought houses here in the latest years or due to some unknown reason. The village is proud of its folklore group, a local library, cinema hall and a Tourist Information centre. One of the guest houses, offering luxury experience in the village, also provides horseback riding. The night bar, made of only natural elements, brings the real summer experience… but without the noise and the pollution of the resorts. One more thing before you go… Don’t know whether you have had a close encounter with Mr Stork (a real stork indeed). You can meet him at the end of the village as he is not afraid of people.

Karpachevo village
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