in Karpachevo

Studio Hambar – “granary”

Room for

4 people


The old granaries were used to store grain and maize – food both for the people, and for the animals. In a dry, warm and airy place. In this modernized studio you will even see the original wooden construction of horizontal laths that preserved the precious winter supplies from cold, wind, and damp. Provided its two comfortable double beds the studio offers hospitality for a whole two-kids family.
Price per night:
1 night - 149.00 BGN.
2 nights with 10% discount - 134.00 BGN.
3 nights with 15% discount - 126.00 BGN.
4 or more nights with 20 % discount - 119.00 BGN.

* Breakfast can be ordered on site.
* The discounts are valid only for reservations made through the website
* The discounts do not apply for holidays and weekends, and prices may vary..
* Check-in - after 3:00 PM, check-out - until 11:00 AM.
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